About Zona Gallery

     Zona Blackwell Wainwright is a native of Belle Chasse and a resident of New Orleans for over 2 decades. With her late husband, she owned and co-managed several oil-field related businesses and now manages real estate holdings in the metropolitan area.
      As her three children reached maturity, Zona began the study of abstract acrylic, watercolor, and drawing at the Jewish Community Center of New Orleans and the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts studying extensively under the fine tutelage of Nell Tilton, Carol Peebles, Karen Stastny, Nini Bodeheimer, Auseklis Ozols, and Jenet Urrate among others. This training, along with participation in numerous local workshops, has enabled Zona to exhibit a number of works in several area retail establishments and galleries.

     Textures and blending of color in an abstract medium is the foundation of Zona's work. A long-time jewelry-making hobby expressing earth tones and natural elements is mirrored in Zona's art in the form of mixed-media combinations of form and color as well as more traditional acrylic explosions of shapes and tones.

     Zona's abstract signature series represents a seemingly endless melting of natural colors into undefined forms that please the eye and tantalize the viewer's ability to interpret the scene, leaving any definition of what is viewed to the imagination. While many are devoid of defined geometric shapes, some contradict the others by inclusion of parallel lines and opposing angles in a field of merging shades.

     Another favorite subject can be found in the abstract interpretation of European architecture from Zona's travel to that continent. While meeting the criteria for abstract composition, the viewer can identify the canals of Venice or the artifacts of Rome in a dramatic melding of colors and shapes.

     As with any artist, Zona has taken the seeds of her formal education and expanded her universe of work with imagination and love of natural elements and color that cannot be taught or learned. Her art has become for her a means of expression, communication, and of acheiving tranquility that she hopes will transcend the medium and be absorbed by the viewer.

     Zona continues to work out of her home-based studio and has sold numerous pieces of her work in the New Orleans area.
Zona Gallery Abstract Art