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An endless melting and blending of natural colors

into undefined forms that please the eye and tantalize the viewer's ability at interpretation, Zona Wainwright's work concentrates on the abstract.  

 "My thirst for training and education has culminated in my progression to that of instructor of abstract art at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts. However, I continue to seek exposure to diverse styles and methodology by wearing two hats, that of instructor and that of student. I continue to expand my appreciation for the arts by balancing knowledge already gained with exposure to the talents of my peers." 

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 Zona Wainwright is a life-long resident of the New Orleans area and began her painting career relatively later in life. She made up for the lost time, however, by extensive study at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, at several other local art institutions, training workshops and seminars, both locally and nationally. 

Concentrating on abstract painting, she has refined her art to mirror patterns in architecture and nature with a seemingly endless blending of natural colors into undefined forms, leaving any definitive description of what is viewed to the imagination. She has exhibited in several local galleries and venues. 

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